Bespoke services

Taking bespoke one step further, the brand now offers a service that puts you in charge of the entire design of the classic.

Hse of Hutton customers love something unique and we know that they  want to wear  what nobody else has, so we created the bespoke service especially for them. ‘Our creative team has the expertise of  working with each individual client provided a one-on-one to create a unique pieces  together.’

Why we love it.

  1. It’s an opportunity to put our designer hat on and create a completely one-off piece from the brilliant range of textures, colours and finishing touches available.

The Hse of Hutton experience is all about discovering what clothes are comfortable for you to accentuate your look at the same time. Whether you’re simply wanting to update your style or find the perfect dress for a wedding or cocktail party,  or build on those classic pieces, our experts will provide you with great tips and honest feedback. Let us help you put the fun back into designing that perfect wardrobe best suited to your style and lifestyle !

We’ll  also help you look at your clothes from a new perspective by assessing the different items that you have we’ll uncover new combinations that you may have never imagined would work together.


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